MukoHOPE - Helping Orphans Prosper & Endure

 Helping meet the spiritual, emotional, financial and physical needs for many orphaned children.

The children of MukoHOPE come from the communities of Muko Sub County, Uganda and belong to a much larger population of orphans in Uganda. Of the 28 million Ugandans, 56% are children under the age of 18. Approximately 2 million of these children have lost at least one parent, often due to the AIDS epidemic. Many times these children are left to the care of an aging, overburdened and destitute relative. When a widowed mother remarries the child is usually not welcomed by her new husband. Since it is not typical for women to own land, she must remarry for her own survival. In each of these situations, the orphaned child is in a desperate, even homeless circumstance without any hope for the future. Currently, there are about 150 orphans sponsored through ACT and we add children from each of the seven districts of Muko as we find sponsors.

Life Pathways Program for MukoHOPE Orphans

During the child’s time in the MukoHOPE Program, there are seven times that the MukoHOPE Counselor will interact with that child for healthy development helping them with things like exam-prepping, puberty, life skills, and transitions to different levels of school. ACT employs a local counselor to lead this program.

What does sponsorship mean for a child of Muko HOPE?

Reaching out offering a caring and loving relationship to a Muko orphan exemplifies God's love and care for all His children and brings hope to an otherwise hopeless situation. In addition to providing for physical needs, the child receives a better quality education at a boarding school. The child returns home during school breaks to maintain the relationship with their guardian and community.

The children were asked to write a letter explaining what ACT means to them. The letters were heartwarming, to say the least! Here is an example (transcribed for ease of reading):

This is a drawing by one of our talented orphans!

This is a drawing by one of our talented orphans!

What is the role of the sponsor?

Most important is to develop a relationship with your child. This provides love and a sense of security for a child who may otherwise feel lost and alone. Writing letters and sharing personal stories, and connecting through faith quickly builds friendship and creates a special bond.

The cost to sponsor a child is $40.00 a month which can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. You can also do automatic payment through your financial institution if you prefer.

To see a list of orphans who are currently available for sponsorship, please visit our Sponsor an Orphan page.

To receive more information about sponsorship, please contact:

Karen Viele