HEAL - Health is Elemental to All Life

Providing a sustainable pathway toward improved individual and community living conditions in Muko Sub County.

HEAL is based on a successful health promotion program conducted for over 30 years in Chile (Educacion Popular En Salud - EPES).  Who is a Health Promotion Worker?

What is a Health Promotion Worker?

A community member who is an ACT-trained volunteer facilitator who
- arranges to meet with a community and its leader
- conducts a dialogue in the community  (men, women and children) to identify their greatest health issues
- empowers and encourages the community to work together to improve their health by agreeing on an Action Plan to address their wants/needs and
- follows up with the community to support the implementation of their Action Plan.

The health care needs can include health-specific issues such as malaria, alcoholism, or mental illness, or more social/behavioral-related issues such as spousal or child abuse, or teen pregnancy.

ACT recruits volunteer Health Promotion Workers from all seven parishes; trains them in facilitation skills to conduct a dialogue with their fellow community members; and provides ongoing support, encouragement and resources for the community to implement their action plans. These volunteers learn new skills, form new relationships with community members from other communities, and gaining self-esteem. They are paid a stipend for transportation and a meal on the days they work.

What else is included in the HEAL Program?

Ikamiro Health Clinic -In addition to the community dialogues, the HEAL Program oversees the Ikamiro Health Clinic in partnership with the Ikamiro Church of Uganda. This is a Level II Clinic that provides maternity care, immunizations, and first aid.

Alcoholic Anonymous - HEAL is the sponsor organization for the first local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the area. The meetings are held at our ACT Empowerment Center and we provide refreshments.

MukoHOPE Orphan Health Assessment - Each new orphan that is enrolled in the MukoHOPE orphan sponsorship program receives an overall health assessment as a baseline. Annually, the orphans are tested for HIV/AIDS. Throughout the year, the HEAL Manager consults with the MukoHOPE Manager and Social Worker on the health of the orphans and helps arrange for care and medications.