TEACH - Targeting Educational Advancement for Children

TEACH is the newest ACT program. The US TEACH Team and the Board of Governors in Uganda (school board) was formed to begin the administration of Muko High School. A flurry of activity began in December, 2017 - hiring a Headmaster, a Deputy Headmaster, a Director of Studies, and a Bursar (treasurer); reorganizing ACT staff to provide supervision and assistance with managing incoming grants and gifts; making physical renovations to the school; and, of course, planning academic innovations. Classes began in February, 2018.

Maverick Scholarship:

The Maverick Leadership Scholarship was initiated in 2015 with the inspiration of wanting to cultivate leadership in the country of Uganda. This scholarship is named in memory of Greg Peterson, whose nickname was “Maverick“, because of his charismatic, take-charge leader personality. The aim of the scholarship is to support promising young people in Muko Sub-County through educational opportunities. The hope is that these young people, once educated, will affect changes in their communities by providing leadership and community organizing. That hope has already been realized!

Judith Tukahirwe, our first scholar, has graduated from her nursing program with a degree certificate in midwifery and has been hired as a member of the ACT MukoHOPE staff in Uganda managing the sponsored orphans and their health as well as providing leadership of the HEAL program. Since its inception, four students have received this scholarship and are attending school or have graduated. Because every student is unique and has special gifts, the applicants can choose to go to a particular vocational school or university.