“UU&U” Party

You can also host a Uniquely Uganda and U party. Think along the lines of a home party (Origami Owl, Pampered Chef, etc.) but the party is held at the store instead of your home and all proceeds from purchases of baskets, jewelry or other handcraft items will benefit our friends in Muko Subcounty, Uganda.  As a hostess you would only need to invite your friends and provide food and beverage of your choice.  ACT will provide the rest:  invitations, brief presentation, sales person and the location (Uniquely Uganda).  As an added benefit, the hostess will receive a Uniquely Uganda gift certificate equal to $3 per each guest (for example, if you have 10 guests at your party, you will receive a gift certificate worth $30).  It’s a great opportunity to get together with friends, while also providing support and love to others!  Maybe your book club, Bible Study Group, Women's Church Group ... Contact Sue Waechter (waechtersue@gmail.com) for more information and to sign up.