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Handmade Woven Items

Hundreds of years of design go into these woven items. Each takes anywhere from 2-3 days to a full week to make. The women begin by going down to Lake Bunyonyi to cut papyrus, strip it, coil it and begin to weave their beautiful and functional wares using a simple iron nail instrument. Whether you need a basket, tray, or bowl for yourself or want to give one to a friend, know that you will likely be providing tuition for a woman’s child through your purchase.


Sewn Items

All our beautiful sewn items use fabric from Uganda. Many of our items are sewn by the hand crafters.


Wood Carvings

These carving are hand made from the local wood in the Muko region.



All hand designed pieces. These items are made with with local beans from the Muko region or from rolled paper along with beads. Since they are hand made each piece will vary in size and color.