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Karen Viele

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Mary Carrier Namara (2).jpeg

MaryCurrier Namara is 11 years old, She and her siblings (1 sister and 4 brothers) live with their mother, a primary teacher. The father died in July of mental illness. Mary is studying at Mukibungo Primary School in P.4. She is an excellent student — last term her position was 4th out of 54. She is healthy, having twice tested negative for HIV/AIDS. She is a happy, social child, eagerly looking forward to having a sponsor.

Elizabeth Efia Kirabo.jpeg

Elizabeth Efia Kirabo is 9 years old. She lives with her mother and 3 siblings, 1 brother and 2 sisters, in Rugarambiro Village, Karengyere Parish. Her father died of a brain tumor in July. Elizabeth is a reserved child and struggled with school last term in the P2 class at All Saints Primary School. She needs a caring sponsor!

Collins Imex  Niwebyona.jpeg

8 year-old Collins Imex Niwebyona’s father died in 2009. Collins lives with his mother and brother in Katembi Village, Ikamiro Parish. He is in the P.1 class at Ikamiro Primary School and scored 10th out of 45 pupils. He is healthy.

Elia Ngabiraho-Kabeere.jpeg

Elia Ngabirano is 10 years old. His father died of malaria when Elia was 3. Elia and his siblings — 2 brothers and 1 sister — live with their mother in Karengyere Village, Kabere Parish. Elia is studying at Rwamazuru Primary School in the P.2 class and is very anxious to have a sponsor.

Godwin Ainomugisha Nyarurambi.jpeg

Godwin Ainomugisha, 6 years old, lives with his peasant mother and 4 siblings in Kagoye Village, Nyarurambi Parish.  His father, Gad Bafaki Munyama, was a former ACT Health Promotion Worker who died of liver failure in June. Godwin is studying at Bwindi Primary School in P.1. Godwin is healthy and has tested negative for HIV/AIDS. He very much wants a sponsor!