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Sunday John Bosco-Kaara Parish 2.jpeg

Sunday John Bosco is a healthy 12-year-old double orphan with no siblings. He lives with his uncle in Rwakamu-Kaara Parish. He started school when he was 5 years old and is now in the P.4 class at Kaara Primary School where he most recently ranked 10th out of 30. Sunday John enjoys helping out by fetching water and he likes playing foot ball.

Joseph Ainamaani-Ikamiro 20.jpeg

Joseph Ainamaani is  a 10-year-old whose parents had both died of HIV/AIDS by the time he was 5. He and his two brothers live with their uncle in Kiruruma-Ikamiro Parish. Joseph enjoys doing domestic chores. He attends Ikamiro Primary School was recently ranked 5 th out of 47 pupils in P.3. He is a healthy child.

Melvin Ngabirano 6.jpeg

Melvin Ngabirano is 16 years old. He is the youngest of six children and lives with his mother in Kagorogoro-Butare Parish. His father died of HIV/AIDs in 2002; his grandparents are also deceased. Melvin attends the P.7 class at Rukore Primary School and is ranked 6th out of 22 pupils. He has been tested twice and is HIV negative.

Zaharah 12.jpeg

Zaharah Uwikunda is 9 years old. She is a single orphan with a large family: 3 brothers and 2 sisters in school and 1 married brother. Her father died of stomach cancer in January, 2018. Zaharah attends Ncundura Primary School, where she is in the P.4 class. She likes Mathematics, and ranks 17th out of 38 pupils. She is healthy.

Davis Niwagaba-Nyarurambi 15.jpeg

Davis Niwagaba is 10 years old. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister and lives with his mother in Katasya-Nyarurambi Parish. His father died of liver failure in 2014; his grandparents are also deceased. Davis attends Kishaki Primary School in the P.4 class and was the 3 rd out of 42 pupils. He is a healthy child and has twice tested negative for HIV. He enjoys playing volleyball.

Anthony Naturinda's Potrait Photo.jpeg

Anthony Naturinda is a 13-year-old double orphan from BurambiraVillage, Kyenyi Parish. His mother died when he was an infant; his father died four years ago. His 21-year-old peasant brother — married with two children — is helpless to support him. Anthony is currently at Murole Preparatory School in the P.5 class. He likes studying and playing football. He is healthy and has twice tested negative for AIDS.

Goret Kyomuhendo-Kabere 18.jpeg

Goret Kyomuhendo is a 9-year-old single orphan whose father died last year. Her grandparents are also deceased. She and her three siblings live with their mother in Nyakatooma-Kabere Parish. Goret likes playing volleyball and football at Rwamazuru Primary School where she is in the P.5 class. She ranks 8th out of 51 pupils. She is a healthy child.