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Maria Patience Aijuka.jpg

Maria Patience Aijuka is 10 years old. She lives in the village of Habuhinga, Ikamiro Parish with her sister and her father, who is struggling with AIDS. Her mother died of AIDS when Maria Patience was 6; her grandparents are also deceased. Marie Patience is in the P4 class at Kabaya Primary School, where she ranks 13th of 75 pupils in her class. She is healthy, having twice tested negative for AIDS/HIV.

Maria Ritah Gumoshabe 2.jpg

7-year-old Maria Ritah Gumoshabe’s father died last year. She lives with her mother, brother, and sister in Bugarama Village, Butare Parish. She attends Bushaki Primary School, where she ranks 10 of 39 students in the P1 class. She is a healthy girl, hoping to be sponsored soon.

Paul Ahimbisibwe2.jpg

Paul Ahimbesibwe is a healthy 8-year-old double orphan who needs attention. He lives with his grandfather in Rwakamu Village, Kaara Parish. His mother died of malaria in 2016; his father was murdered in 2013. Paul attends Kaara Primary School where he ranks 10th of 63 students in the P1 class. He especially enjoys soccer games.

Princess Owamazima.jpg

Princess Owamazima is 9 years old and lives alone with her peasant mother since her father died of pneumonia early in 2018. She attends Kyenyi Vision School in the P3 class and is known for her jolly playfulness.

Miracle Kemigisha.jpg

Miracle Kemigisha is 11 years old. She lives in Kyafurwe Village, Kyenyi Parish with her widowed peasant mother, 2 sisters, and 2 brothers. The family is very needy. She is healthy and attends Kyenyi Primary School in the P4 class.

Talent Amanya2.jpg

Talent Amanya is a 9-year-old double orphan who lives in Murukoro Village, Karangyere Parish. George Kimweye (Talent’s grandfather, with whom he lives) was one of the first ACT volunteers in Muko Sub-County, and worked as a security guard at the ACT Empowerment Center. Talent attends Muko-Batari Primary School in the P3 class, where he ranks 25th of 58 students.


Edmund Ndyamwesimira is an 11-year-old from Rushunga Village, Nyarurambi Parish. Edmund is a double orphan who stays with an aunt who is also needy. He studies in the P4 class at Kishaki Primary School, ranking 20th of 43 pupils. He is healthy, having tested negative for HIV.

Allosius Nyarurambi 2.jpeg

Allosius Ahesibwe is has recently lost his sponsor, due to the declining health of his sponsor. He is a 12-year-old double orphan, having lost both his parents  when he was 6. He has one brother and lives with his grandparents in Rutooga Village, Nyarurambi Parish. He attends Uganda Martyrs Preparatory School, where he ranks 17th of 55 students in the P5 class. He is healthy and has tested negative for HIV.