It began with Generous Turinawe’s compassion for the orphaned and destitute in Muko Sub County.
Generous, trained as a teacher, said that she was sad seeing orphaned children suffer and live a miserable life in the midst of others. She said she had a dream that God was calling her to serve Him by starting a ministry that could benefit the most disadvantaged people, and that compelled her to form an organization that would eventually be known as ACT (Agape Community Transformation). To get things started, in the spring of 2003 her husband, Richard, sent out fifty handwritten letters to individuals and agencies around the world. The letter was requesting a partnership to help the communities of Muko sub-county where they had both grown up. Only one of those letters was answered. That answer was from Sue Waechter, Midland, Michigan.


Sue and Richard worked together over the Internet to complete a strategic plan for the community. Their vision was to purchase a vehicle that would serve as an ambulance to take sick community members to the nearest health center about 40km (25 miles) away.

Sue and Richard stayed in contact for the next three years by email. In 2006, Sue and John Waechter travelled to Uganda to finally meet Richard and Generous and deliver the ambulance to the community. From there, the ministry continues to grow and grow.